I have found that a pinstriped truck can and will project the personality of the owner, no question!  Plus it adds to the cool factor.


The same thing can be said about cars and SUVs. They all need personality of their own. Most are just to plain without it. Hot rods are the most fun because the owners don’t always have the vision I have for their project to put it over the top in most cases.  Like painting the stripes or lettering to look old-much fun, or 50’s style stripes also fun to do!!


You have the personality of the owner. But stripe the bike and BANG; you have the owner's own piece of rolling art without the high cost of custom painting the whole bike.


Anything can be striped and I have striped just about everything I can think of.  And that's because it brings plain stuff to life, and adds that smile factor!



I have been in the business since 1968.  I’m a very lucky and gifted person that has worked hard to get where I am in life.  I try to give every person the personal attention to his or her project, just like it was mine, no less then 100% all the time.

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